Hajj (FARZI) 2009 is due to fall during December, demand is expected to be high and we are already taking reservations.
Mainly we are taking group reservations of minimum 10 persons for Umrah only. But if you would like to travel alone or with a smaller group then please fill in this form.

Terms and Conditions for bookings:

  • You must do your bookings at least 7 weeks before the journey
  • Provide us with full details and Passports of travellers
  • You must pay all the travel costs before travelling

Useful Tips and Information

Important information dresscodes to remember before travelling:

For Men
Two clean seamless white linen, woollen or towel sheets. One is wrapped around the waist (above the navel and the bottom of it above the ankles).The other sheet is wrapped around the left shoulder, leaving the right shoulder uncovered.

For Women
Women can wear customary stitched garments, as well as jewellery, but modesty must be observed. The hair must be fully covered, but the face must not be veiled. Garments should reach the ankles, sleeves to the wrists and necklines must be high. Perfume or attire that attracts attention (such as bright colours) must be avoided. Menstruating women should refrain from daily or ceremonial prayer requiring obeisances during this time.
There are certain restrictions and recommendations which must be observed whilst in the state of Ihram.

Things disallowed or discouraged when in Ihram:
To touch or smell perfume intentionally
To knot the sheets or sew them together
To cover your chin and nose with a cloth
To comb your hair or beard
To scratch your head/hair wildly
To comb your hair or beard
To use soap/rubbing when washing hair or body (Bathing or washing is allowed but should be done by splashing rather than rubbing)

Prohibitions when in Ihram
Wearing stitched garments (men)
Wearing shoes or sandals that hide the middle bone of the foot.
Bandaging the head / face.
To cut hair (except at times that are prescribed during Hajj / Umrah)
To trim nails (trimming a broken nail is allowed)
To cover your head (men only)
To cover your face
Hunting or to help a hunter
Hunting or to help a hunter

Prohibitions when in Ihram
Racing animals or intentionally injuring or killing them (sacrificing / qurbani for food is allowed - as is killing a dangerous animal to protect yourself)
To cut grass or pluck plants
Sexual relations including kissing / petting.

Hajj and Umrah 2009
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