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Our aim is to have the honour of serving you as a guest of Allah to the two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia, and assisting each and every pilgrim to have a comfortable, trouble free and safe Umrah or Hajj journey.

Afghan UK Hajj & Umrah is among the most trusted companies based in the United Kingdom setting standards in providing high quality services for Hajj and Umrah.
Our Hajj & Umrah's mission is to provide unsurpassed service to all of our clients, allowing them to achieve their personal and professional best. We provide comfort and convenience to all of our clients by ensuring that all of our staff possesses excellent customer service skills and the ability to give complete support from the booking process to the final destination.

We always strive to exceed in consumer excellence. We are focused and dedicated to deliver an exceptional service to our customers in the UK and we will strive to make the most important journey of your lifetime, one that you'll never forget.

Hajj & Umrah 2009
Special value packages to suit all budgets.
Experienced Guide
We will guide you through the entire Hajj & Umrah journey and to provide you the best service.
Hajj 2009 demand is expected to be high, and we are already taking reservations